Brooklyn Medical Spa At Brooklyn Medical Spa, our team of dedicated aesthetic experts are here to help you to restore & rejuvenate your look – from both the inside and out! Call Us 347-673-7070 For Pricing And Current Specials.
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Brooklyn Medical Spa
At Brooklyn Medical Spa, our team of dedicated aesthetic experts are here to help you to restore & rejuvenate your look – from both the inside and out! Call Us 347-673-7070 For Pricing And Current Specials. I've been a patient at New York Aesthetics for the last year now and this is definitely one of the best aesthetic spas' in all of NYC. The staff is really sweet and kind, and they're very well trained. I recently got my first vial of Botox performed earlier this week and they were very gentle, careful and precise - the injections barely hurt the way they did them. I am currently recovering from a PRP facial treatment and I'm already seeing outstanding results! I'm so excited and really owe so much thanks to the team at NY Aesthetics. They are so skillful with their work and even better than that they know exactly how to put their patients at ease. New York Aesthetics is the best cosmetic practice in the city, hands down! After every appointment, I always leave will a smile on my face, feeling like I got more than my money's worth. They go above and beyond for clients and I've been all over Brooklyn and never gotten such a high level of aesthetic care before, anywhere! I heard about HCG from a magazine article years ago, so I was only a bit familiar when I came across this diet plan at Ny Aesthetics in BK. My wife really encouraged me to give it a try, since both she and I had been through a bunch of different crash diets and fad workout trends. And I'm really glad I took her advice! Its not like a magic potion or anything but it really helps you lose weight and stave off your hunger. The diet phase was very difficult at first, but thanks to the therapist at Ny Aesthetics I was able to push through and just keep going forward - they really know how to help you stay on you're a-game. I dropped over 25lbs through the HCG weight loss program with them, the lowest I've weighed since my mid-20's! Its been about 2 weeks now since my microneedling procedure at NY Aesthetics and I'm so excited to show off the results. My skin is looking so much more vibrant and healthier, with a nice shiny glow. And its getting to be smoother and smoother with each passing day, I really cant get over it. The procedure itself went well, the dermapen gave me a little pain with each penetrating cut, but it was very mild, and I barely felt it after a few seconds. With things already looking this good, I can't wait to see the full extent of my results, in a weeks' time! Never heard of Viora Refit before, but one of the ladies at NY aesthetics recommended I give it a try for skin tightening after my liposuction surgery last year. Once I had seen the results I just had to. My skin is completely snapped back, and its really looking great! I wasn't ready to go back to my plastic surgeon so soon for my tummy tuck, and as much as he was pressuring me, I was way too nervous and didn't want to spend the money on costly surgery. The Viora was perfect for me and my needs, the excess skin around my belly is like 90% gone and its healthy and still on the path to full recovery! For over a year now, I've been coming to New York aesthetics of by-monthly Juvederm fillers, and I can't get over how much better these guys are than any other practice I've ever been to. They're safer, and more precise, my skin is never left red or itchy or irritated - a constant problem with getting fillers done from my previous estheticians. The team is here just seeming to be a bit more professional than any other ive come across throughout the city. My wife had gotten PRP done before, and she had okay results from a practice in Upper Manhattan. So, I was a bit weary about it, but when I finally agreed, something about the way they spoke to me and explained the process and went through the prep work - it just came off a lot more professional than the people my wife had gone to. While most cosmetic medical spas seem to be a bit unfocused and confusing as to their message, NYA came off professional and helpful the whole time - helping me through every step, making sure I knew what was happening and more. The best part of it all was that my results came out amazing and are still improving and this was probably at half the price. I had never heard of Hydrafacial before, so I asked a lot of questions when it was recommended to me for my acne and pore issues. After doing some research and getting some answers from their staff, the team at Ny Aesthetics educated me completely on the procedure. I decided to go through with it and was surprised by the great prices at this practice! No to mention its been a few days after, and I'm looking amazing. My skin is blemish & oil free, my pores are cleared and don't look anywhere near as congested as they were before. All my dry skin is gone, looks much healthier and hydrated.
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At New York Aesthetics, our team of dedicated aesthetic experts are here to help you to restore & rejuvenate your look from both the inside and out!

A happy, healthy, aesthetically-pleasing exterior can not only help improve your overall look and appearance but can improve your confidence and self-esteem from within. Our team utilizes their extensive knowledge, years of experience, and the latest, in non-invasive tools & techniques, to deliver you the aesthetic enhancement you have always wanted! Our goal isn’t to provide you a look that is fake, and overly done, but rather the appearance of natural beauty, playing up the features you’ve had since birth! We offer a number of different treatments that provide patients with, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging properties, body contouring, weight loss, and much more!

Confidence, knowledge & experience

The team at New York Aesthetics has spent years perfecting their craft in the field of aesthetic enhancement. And with so much combined experience, they can help patients to not only restore and rejuvenate their youthful appearance, with anti-aging measures, but enhance their current aesthetic using the latest in cosmetic treatments and techniques! Some of these amazing treatments include:

BOTOX® One of the most popular aesthetic enhancement procedures of all time, BOTOX® is an injectable neuromodulator designed to eliminate wrinkles and expression lines. Using the Botulinum-A toxin, BOTOX® works by causing temporary paralysis in the muscles beneath the skin along the treatment area – over time, allowing the skin to flatten out and the wrinkles to smoothen.

HCG WEIGHT LOSS You’ve heard of all the fad diet crazes, now try one that’s scientifically, proven to work! The HCG Weight Loss system utilizes a combination of a low-calorie diet, and hormonal therapy – allowing you to drop pounds fast and feel great while you do it! Broken down into a systematic program, including special shots and a meticulous plan, HCG has been proven to provide you with the results you want, fast!

VIORA REFIT Following any rapid weight loss, one of the biggest issues is loose, hanging skin. But in order to combat this all-too-common issue, Viora ReFit uses RF energy to penetrate deep within the skin’s inner layers and stimulate the production of natural skin tightening compounds, collagen & elastin. ReFit can provide you with the tight, toned, well-contoured body you deserve, after any extreme weight loss plan.

Non-surgical Options

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As one of the most popular products in the aesthetic enhancement industry over the last 20 years, Botox® is one of the most effective methods for treating wrinkles and expression lines. Botox® injections act as a temporary nerve blocker to weaken the contraction of muscles and smooth away fine lines & wrinkles.

Unlike other injectable treatment methods, Botox® is classified as a neuromodulator – using the active ingredient Botulinum toxin-A. This neurotoxic protein is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It prevents the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine from within the endings of our muscles and causes paralysis, similar to the disease botulism.

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